"Hutton proves once again why he is a great writer as well as a great historian." —T.J. Stiles on The Apache Wars

"Paul Hutton is one the great scholars of Western Americana, but he's also a natural born storyteller." —Hampton Sides on The Apache Wars

Paul Andrew Hutton is an American cultural and military historian, an award-winning author, documentary writer, and television personality. He is also Distinguished Professor of History at the University of New Mexico, a former executive director of the Western History Association, and a past president of Western Writers of America. He was born in Frankfurt, Germany, and adopted as an infant by an American Air Force couple. Raised around the world--in Germany, England, and Taiwan--as well as in Texas and Indiana, he attended college at Indiana University. He received his doctorate in American history in 1981, and has taught at both Utah State University (1977-1985) and at the University of New Mexico (1985-present). He is a five time winner of the Western Writers of America Spur Award and a six time winner of the Western Heritage Award from the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. His first book, Phil Sheridan and His Army received the Billington Prize from the Organization of American Historians, the Evans Biography Award, and the Spur Award. He is also the editor of Western Heritage (2011), Roundup (2010), Frontier and Region (1997), The Custer Reader (1992), Soldiers West (1987), and the ten-volume Bantam Eyewitness to the Civil War series (1991-93). He has appeared in over 300 television shows on the History Channel, Discovery, PBS, NBC, CBS, BBC, Fox and other networks and has written a dozen documentaries for television and state and national parks. He also served as historical consultant on such Hollywood films as The Missing (2003), Cowboys and Aliens (2010), and Jane Got a Gun(2016) and even has a speaking role in David Zucker's Naked Gun 33 1/​3 (1994). He has five children--Laura, Caitlin, Lorena, Chelsea, and Paul Andy--and lives in Albuquerque with wife Tracy and pups Bucky O'Neil and Annie Oakley. His latest book is The Apache Wars from Crown Publishing Group.