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The Custer Reader

Here is a unique volume that will prove of value to a new reader on Custer as well as the more experienced Custer student. The reader unfamiliar with the Custer story will find a complete, reliable introduction to this legendary figure's personality, career, and myth. Here is Custer as he saw himself, as his contemporaries saw him, and as the best scholars have interpreted him. The Custer student will discover new insights while rediscovering some familiar sources. Here are the best of the Custer articles, some quite rare, assembled together for easy reference. This book serves as a guide through oftimes treacherous morass of partisan writing on this ever so controversial cavalryman. The book combines first-person narratives, memoirs, reprinted scholarly articles, and photo essays, with new essays by top Custer scholars Robert Utley, Brian Dippie, Gregory Urwin, Paul Hutton, and Eric von Schmidt.