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The Apache Wars: The Hunt for Geronimo, the Apache Kid and the Captive Boy Who Started the Longest War in American History

They called him Mickey Free. His kidnapping started the longest war in American history. A mixed blood warrior who moved uneasily between the worlds of the Apaches and the White invaders, he was distrusted by both but desperately needed by each. It was said that he was the only man Geronimo ever feared. A fellow scout described him simply as "half-Irish, half-Mexican, and all son-of-a-bitch." This is his story, and the story of his contemporaries--Apache, American, and Mexican--who fought the last great battle for the American West.

Phil Sheridan and His Army

More than a biography, Hutton's book tells the story not only of General Phil Sheridan's life and frontier command, but also the full story of the western Indian-fighting army after the Civil War. The small force of regulars faced a daunting task, not only with frontier expansion, but also with Reconstruction chores, labor strife, and political upheaval.

The Custer Reader

America's most famously unfortunate soldier, George Armstrong Custer has been the subject of literally thousands of books. The Custer Reader is, however, unique as a substantial source of classic writings about and by Custer. Here is Custer as he saw himself, as contemporaries saw him, and as leading scholars have interpreted him.